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sociable cycle ride Sat March 7th starts 10am ends 12 noon

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I've just checked and the weather forecast for Saturday shows no rain at all, not much wind and temperature 10 C which is quite pleasant for cycling. Admittedly there will still be quite a lot of water around but even so that's quite an improvement.

Our two-hour, easy-paced, social cycle ride this Saturday starts at Dulwich Clock Cafe in Dulwich Park at 10am and goes up to Tower Bridge and back. The first section goes via quiet streets to our Peckham start point in Peckham Square and then up the Canal Path and Glengall Rd through to Quietway 1 at Oxley Close.

The group will follow a short stretch of Q1, and then cut to Butlers Wharf and Potters Field Park next to Tower Bridge via Bermondsey Spa Gardens and Shad Thames. There will be a brief stop for photos at the bridge then back via Bermondsey St, home of the Fashion and Textile Museum and lots of restaurants, and through to Q1 briefly joining the outward route. Riders will turn off Q1 at Dunton Rd and on to Burgess Park where they will ride across the park and join Quietway 7. This runs most of the way back via Camberwell Grove (sadly uphill) but followed by the lovely downhill of Greendale and through Dulwich Village to the park.

These rides are funny and good exercise but they are also good ways of learning safe cycle ways to town. Both Quietway 1 and Quietway 7 are well worth knowing as safe, low-traffic routes to central London. Saturday's route will be a flat 11 miles with lots to see and everyone welcome. The weather is bound to be better than most of this week. The route is here:

This regular series of Saturday morning rides is organised by Bruce Lynn and friends on behalf of Southwark Cyclists https://southwarkcyclists.org.uk . We are part of the London Cycling Campaign https://lcc.org.uk which trains and insures our ride leaders as well as campaigning for more, safer cycling in London. Like all good things we attract copy-cats and there's a group masquerading as us. I won't say more but I will say: Accept no Substitutes. Only the best is good enough. You can contact us on [email protected], tweet @southwarkcycle or text me on 07842 640 207

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