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Just a quick shout out to Obi

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This is just a little shout out to Obi at clean body health. Obi got me from Fat to Fit in three months at the beginning of last year with 1-2-1 weight training and a clean diet. I was a size 14-16 and am now a size 10.

Over the course of the year I slacked quite a lot due to my own personal problems but Obi has still been on my back asking when I'm coming back in, he knows I get super stressed easily and have bad anxiety but hes still been taking time out of his schedule to try to get me back in because he knows I can do it and believes in me, he figured me out within such a short space of time!! It's not only a physical goal with going to the gym it's also a massive mental health goal! Obi has been absolutely amazing and I don't think I would have got this amount of time, energy, love and dedication from anyone else! I started off doing 1-2-1 sessions but have now joined his mini group sessions (no more then 6 ppl) and Obi also does home visits which I have taken advantage of when needed. This guy is so amazing he even allows you to bring your kids in with you hes that chilled out (not on your training thou lol)!!!

Obi mainly focuses on weight training, something I never thought I would be able to do or get the hang of, I never thought I would loose all this weight and tone up without doing cardio but he proved me and so many others wrong. I thought it would make me look super masculine and bulky but all it has done is helped me to define my body and what's already there and I am falling in love with it.

Being in group sessions is not only fun but has also made me see that hes converted so many other different types of people and they all seem to feel exactly the same way I do with how he trains them and what he does.

What I love is that the group sessions have a mixture of ages and genders, sometimes the 50+ yr olds put me to shame but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Not only has Obi pushed me to my full potential in the gym he has also given me a diet plan suited to my needs which has been amazing and made meal times even easier and stress free and even my kids love eating the same meals as me from this plan! He also does regular weigh in's and body fat counts which helps you to keep on track and see how much progress you are making. You also get full use of the gym for when you can't make it to the 1-2-1 or group sessions!

I can't say it enough Obi THANKYOU!!!!!

If your thinking of making a change, or joining the gym or getting a p.t I highly recommend that you just give Obi a buzz and talk to him first you will definitely not be disappointed and if any of you have trained with him in he past leave a comment below to let everyone know of your experience with him!!

And If you don't believe me look at my pics and stats that have been recorded I can't wait to see the change in my body over the course of the next few months.

Body stats:

13th January 2019-

Suprailiac (waist) was 50.4

Umbilical (stomach) 34.5

Triceps 39.0

Weight 75.6kg

12th September 2019-

Suprailiac (waist) now 18.0

Umbilical ( stomach) now 22.2

Triceps now 13.4

Weight now 59.6kg

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