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M&S daffodils drying up


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Is anyone else having issues with M&S daffodils drying up before they are opening, or when they are half open?

I have now had six bunches (three lots of two each).

They have been properly prepared when I get them home - stems cut at the bottoms.

I have taken two bunches back and got replacements, and exactly the same thing happened.

This also happened with some I bought there last year, and at that time I was told they had had a lot of complaints.

Each time this year, the bunches have been in different rooms, so I don't think it is an environmental issue. Plus daffs from my allotment have been absolutely fine.

Please tell me it's not just me. I have been buying daffs for years and it's only been the M&S ones I have had this problem with.

I know they are only a pound a bunch (actually quite expensive for what they are, used to be 50p!) ,but it's disappointing when you want to have fresh flowers around the house and they die before you have the full joy of them :(

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DulwichFox Wrote:


> Daffodils do not have a long vase life. Typically

> 3 - 5 days. :(


I am not talking about open daffodils not lasting.

I am talking about daffodils in bud drying up before they open.

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cactus Wrote:


> Yes Sue, I've noticed the same with my last bunch

> of M&S ones.

> Tbh the majority of supermarket ones are really

> poor these days, tiny papery blooms that wither

> and die as soon

> as they open out.

Most of mine haven't even got as far as opening.

I thought the latest lot might do better, as they are a different variety of daffodil (orange middle) but the same thing has happened.

I wonder if it is something to do with the way they are stored on their journey from the grower to the store.

I've never had any problems with M&S lilies, but I bought some lilies from the Co-op a few weeks back, and again some of the buds just never opened. I couldn't be bothered taking those back. Most of them were OK. But it shouldn't happen, surely?

I feel a google coming on :))

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