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Urgent - Please help our high street if you can. Here's how...

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Thank you to @EastDulwichNewbie for raising this. It's a heartfelt plea to those who love our community:

Please can all those who can afford to - and we appreciate that many people can't right now - find time to go into or call up their favourite cafe /bar/restaurant/pub etc in the next couple of days and hand over a chunk of money for credit when this madness ends? Yes, it maybe not be enough to save everyone and that is a risk we will take, but if lots of people give a little, it will make a huge difference to those businesses we all know and love. I'm talking about V?ro at the French Cafe Bistrot, those lovely Italians at Signoria. Places we love to be in, not just 'a place' to get something to eat and drink.

Expecting these establishments to suddenly develop a voucher system is unfair, so we are asking them to get hold of a small notebook - a 'book of hope' to record people's details and offerings. If we are truly a community, this should be enough. Many of us are on first name terms anyway with our faves.

Who's in? #LoveEastDulwich

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