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Retail, Hospitality and Leisure grant Southwark (and Lambeth)

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Hello fellow East Dulwich Forumers

We are an ice company based in Lambeth (living in Southwark) supplying the catering industry. We are not clear if we are eligible for the Government grant for the retail, hospitality and leisure sector and it is impossible to contact anyone in the Borough Council to discuss. We would be grateful if anyone who is eligible for this grant (either Southwark or Lambeth)could let us know whether they have been contacted by the council yet as this will give us an indication of how far down the road the process has gone and whether we should have expected to have heard something by now.

Many thanks.

Keep safe.

Very worried.

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Hi caro caro

We are a shop based in East Dulwich, we applied for the grant. The grant is applicable to Businesses who pay business rates. We received a text from southwark to confirm we had rates relief for the next 12 months. We then applied for the grant. Do you pay business rates?

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