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Sainsbury's less busy times?

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I went to Sainsburys this morning. Got there around 7:55am and got into the shop around 8:45.

Shelves were full of most things.

The queue outside is deceptive. It's not wildly busy inside the shop when you're in there as they're keeping the total numbers down.

Bring a book, music, audio book, something to keep you busy while you wait to get in.

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Any sign of the extra Click and Collect? Has a second collection point appeared the car park at DKH? Lower the order amount limit and it might be something people could carry, payment would be taken in advance, you choose a time slot so social distancing would be easier to apply. The queue for those going into the store would be shorter.

Won't need to use this for a couple of weeks but this supports all three bullets under ?Keeping customers and colleagues safe? on the Sainsburys website today. It would also free up more deliveries for vulnerable customers and those self-isolating. No sign their measures to increase access have worked at DKH - checked today and no Click and Collect slots for the next three weeks.

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