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Coronavirus Cases London Boroughs Southwark is worst


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Borough Confirmed cases

Southwark 365

Lambeth 358

Brent 321

Croydon 289

Wandsworth 287

Bromley 268

Ealing 265

Harrow 251

Newham 230

Westminster 226

Lewisham 218

Tower Hamlets 184

Waltham Forest 182

Hackney and City of London 177

Greenwich 168

Hillingdon 163

Merton 161

Hounslow 152

Enfield 151

Hammersmith and Fulham 144

Redbridge 143

Haringey 141

Islington 141

Kensington and Chelsea 141

Barnet 119

Bexley 119

Camden 119

Havering 105

Barking and Dagenham 100

Richmond upon Thames 94

Sutton 93

Kingston upon Thames 82

Southwark has the highest number of confirmed cases



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Those are the figures up to 29 March.

On looking at the figures for 30 March it's noteworthy that the average increase for the day over all boroughs was 10.4%. The largest increases, in Sutton, Hounslow, and Kensington, were around 20%. The increases for Southwark and Lambeth were 0.8% and 2.2% respectively. Whether or not this is an artifact of the data collecting processes I don't know. If it were, there might be an apparently corrective trend in tomorrow's figure.

Data source: Historic daily data file https://fingertips.phe.org.uk/documents/Historic%20COVID-19%20Dashboard%20Data.xlsx, accessible via https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-track-coronavirus-cases.

Sort on column 1 (Area code) to get all the London boroughs together.

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I dont believe the statistics

I think it is much higher.

I wonder, How many people have the illness. That have

done exactly what the government says.

Self Isolate, stay at home dont call 111, unless your symptoms are severe.

Lets put it that way if I awoke with a sore throat cough, I would see how I go etc.

I am self isolating as old, not ill

makes you wonder

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