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Gardening tips for the warm week ahead for parents & children

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I did some gardening tips two weeks ago, but I have given some further thought to this concerning parents now being at home with their children. It occurs to me as a unique opportunity to spend time metaphorically sowing seeds that will stay with our children as wonderful memories of times they spent with us learning nurture in nature & realising the power & beauty of nature. Our gardens are such an opportunity to connect with all that it has to offer now the skies & roads are so much quieter & we get to hear the stillness & the birdsong we had lost.

As a child I built up such memories having been born on a fruit farm in Kent . It?s why I love being outside as a gardener doing what I love doing in the fresh air , wind , rain & sunshine .

Well this weekend & following week except for a bit of rain on Monday we are going to have good few sunny days to get time together with the kids to plant up some easy vegetables in the garden or in pots if you only have a window sill or confined space.

So, are you listening carefully? Then I?ll begin

1. let?s start with one of the easiest: Carrots. Plant seeds direct in pots or beds with a fine mix of compost about 30cms 12 inches deep. This will help them grow straighter as there will be no obstructions to give them funny shapes & you can always sell them more easily to the super markets when they run out & you need the money))))

2. Tomatoes. Who doesn?t love the taste of a homegrown tomato?

Make ridges out of your soil . Plant your favourites in the ridges watering frequently using a liquid tomato feed as directed . At around 30/40cms height push in long canes to tie them into & support them

As they grow, they grow stems from which the tomatoes grow, when a second stem appears, pinch them out to encourage growth . Enjoy the smell of the plants as you pick your ripe tomatoes by pinching the elbow at the top of the fruit

3. Radishes. Plant in prepared soil in straight drills choosing different varieties to experiment the tastes. Water frequently. That?s it!! Take about a month to be ready!

4. Peppers. Again, easy ! Prep soil in sunniest part of the garden . They like the sunshine . Frequent watering & check for pests on the leaves. Just brush them off with your hands

5. Lettuce. Again easy. Choose your favourites. Plant in straight drills about 10cms apart . Again, plenty of water & crop by pulling off the outer leaves for use & the plants will continue to grow.

That will do for now,but a word about your compost mix. It may be that the soil in your garden may well be good enough, but we all live on SE London clay & nutrients are needed. So make up a mix of multi purpose compost, potting compost & if you can get it coconut coir. This helps retain the moisture.

You can build raised borders if you can get the timber. But ordinary borders with compost added will suffice , as will large pots or trays of 10 or 12 inches high .

If you want to plant herbs , ensure you put some gravel in the soil as they like good drainage & bring picked frequently

When you grow your own vegetables you & your children will never taste better than your own home grown & will always remember the fun you had together)))

Just one more point:

In my last gardening tips , I offered to give a few hours free if you had any older neighbours so, I can tidy their garden & they can get out in the sunshine. No one got in touch! So, please, if you know of anyone who needs some free help in the area, please get in touch.

I remain gardening while keeping social distancing especially if you have easy or side access to your garden & as my nursery is still open, I can supply plants

Enjoy the sunshine, your children & your gardens


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I have managed to get 6 spare bags of compost Siousxie & fish biscuits. I can get more after the weekend

Yes Grey Fox , you can grow carrots & peppers indoors, but make sure they get plenty of daylight & depth of soil especially for the carrots . Good luck

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