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Neighbours ignoring isolation rules

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My neighbours have been constantly ignoring the new laws around COVID19, they have multiple people in and out of the house all day every day at all times of the night, and to be honest I really wouldn?t be getting myself involved but we share a communal hallway and I can only imagine the amount of germs in it right now. However I don?t feel comfortable calling the police/reporting them as we?ve had troubles with them before and they?ll know it was us if we do. They?re also very aggressive and one of them has actually just come back from prison. I?m so incredibly fed up and being cooped up in a house all day every day with music blaring through the floors, even the stench of weed creeping through the floorboards, is driving me utterly insane. I feel like I?m at a dead end. Sorry for ranting but I really needed to get this off my chest.
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It is very hard staying in so much. And your neighbours sound annoying in general terms, and to society if they are not obeying social distancing.

But, then having other people into their flat is very unlikely to give you covid, just wash your hands or sanitise them whenever you have used the hallway.

The fact that they are bad citizens, try to ignore it. It?s like all the other bad citizens in the world. You can?t change them. I?m sorry they are causing you stress.

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Hi, Sorry to hear you are frustrated. I?ve been in a similar situation and it can be very bad for your mental and physical health. I think the advice to contact the landlord or tenant association is great, but if that doesn?t work or you have already tried it, call the council noise pollution team


They are very helpfuL and come straight away. Not police, but can persuade people gently (anonymously) about how their behaviour is impacting others in the vicinity. Having visitors in a pandemic lockdown/quarantine is not ok.

Other suggestion is to get in touch with our local met police community teams. They patrol regularly and could do a doorstep knock and reminder for a few houses on your block to make it less targeted? I think the info for each ward is up here but if not you can look them up on twitter or on the Met police site using your postcode.

Hope it gets better soon.

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