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Hi there,

Could I please ask what other state primary schools are doing in terms of their virtual learning programme? Are your teachers doing lessons for the children (through Zoom or another medium)? Are they sending curriculum links? Are they asking you to send back work for marking? Just trying to gage what's happening during this period.

Huge thanks.

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Just a short video every day (5-10 minutes) where they read a section from a book, then ask the kids to write a few sentences about it, maybe draw a picture, and do a very simple maths exercise. We then send in photos of the work - but it's not marked. However, this is only year 1!

They've also given everyone a textbook to work through, and recommended a number of educational apps.

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This is set to be a huge issue for many families who don?t have access to PCs, Tablets, iPads or broadband. The government will be in breach of the law.


We would not be closing them if they had some basic things like:


Absolutely disgraceful. I was shocked that hot water and soap were not available or rationed in schools in this country. No wonder kids (and their families) get bugs as soon as they start going to school.

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