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Stolen- very large potted box ball

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This is just to alert everyone that last night a very large, potted box ball- one of a pair- was stolen from the front of my property on Chesterfield Grove. It was quite brazen as the neighbour has a security light that switches on every time someone goes into my front garden or into their?s. It was also very heavy so would be a two-man job.

It has been reported, not that I expect it will come to anything. However, upsetting as a lot of love and care had gone into tending and growing the plant.

If any of you have potted plants outside the advice is remove them before someone else does!

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There is another post like this a few days ago and there was a spate of this last year around this time. It has always seemed to be some sort of organised garden plundering rather than a one off opportunist. As you say, needed 2 people, last year people driving up and down in a van. I?m just baffled as to what people want these plants for. It?s organised enough to probably not be for personal use, but I?ve never heard of a black market for pot plants before. Mystifying.
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