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VE Day poster at Glover House, Peckham Rye

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Did any one see a young boy about 8 putting a homemade poster on

the corner of Peckham Rye, Glover House Flats. The was a colourful

VE day poster hand made. When i ask him what the poster meant he reply was

Victory Day and freedom of people. I found this very moving that this boys

family took the time to tell a boy so young the reason.I was told when i was young

and never forgot my mum telling me what she went through together with my Grandparents

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Sorry to put a downer on your post.

The only member of my family that ever talked about the war openly was my Auntie, who had been the perfect age to go dancing with the American servicemen. Family would speak about it when asked and of course some fascinating stories. We were lucky with no close family lost. But I hear similar of other people of my generation. The film Vera Drake encapsulated it well with a low brow conversation around the dinner table - where were you !North Africa" !I was in Greece." "So so lost both his parents." (not the exact words).

The defeat of fascism was one of the most important events of the 20th century of course.

Others may have different family stories. I'd be interested to hear either way.

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