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looking for stocking fillers? was ?10 now ?7


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Hello everyone

This time of the year I would normally be doing a Christmas fair in east Dulwich however, due to covid this sadly cant happen.

so I've decided to put together surprise goodie bags full of perfect little gifts to put a smile on your kids' faces this Xmas.

I am selling 1 stocking filler mystery goodie bag for ?10, it's definitely a great buy! as a couple of items alone cost ?5, and altogether it way cheaper than getting individual stocking filler from toy shops.

you will get one bag at random (each bag is slightly different) but they will be full will lots of little goodies, no sweetie junk! (I might just throw in a festive candy cane for the festive season).

In most bags, you will get...

Nail art transfer (32 designs)

Mini craft kit, that includes- glitter, ribbon, glue,1 craft lollypop stick, googly eyes, foam flowers, colorful buttons.

Watercolor paint tube

Hairbands, bracelets, cute animal badges, stationery, stickers, elasticated tutu, and a toy.

It's a small bag, bursting with goodies. any child who loves surprises will love digging into this bag. It's an amazingly great price too.

I have attached a photo so that you have an example of what you will receive.

the items in the bag are "girly", however, if your little boy likes pretty things to why not!

I only have limited stock.

Pick up from SE22 East Dulwich area. the location will be outside pick up

Thank you


Keep safe

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Good evening everyone,

It?s the start of December! Wow count down begins!

These ?jam packed?surprise sticking fillers bag are still avalible!

I?m open to offer,

They are really amazing, I have a good reputation for selling great little gifts at values prices.

So you?ll get little unique gifts for your little ones.

Again if money is an issuse I?m happy to bring the price down, it?s been a tough year.

For all of us.

I can also post the bags to you and just pay via PayPal, if you are interested send me a private message and I?ll send you the details.

Have a wonderful evening



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Hello my east dulwich family

I hope you are all well and safe.

I'm just letting you know that I still have some amazing surprise stocking filler bags for sale for the little ones.

please pm me if you are interested.

unfortunately, I have lost my job due to this pandemic, so by buying a gift from me you will be greatly helping out a family in need

Thank you for looking

Chrystle xx

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