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Covid When will we all get Vaccinated ?


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fishbiscuits Wrote:


> Yeah sure... but that's not what I was asking

> (sorry don't mean to sound rude). I meant is there

> something specific about steroid medication which

> makes covid more dangerous, or are we just talking

> about general severity of the asthma?

From what I?ve read (I?m not a doctor or health care professional) those on low to medium dose ICS (inhaled corticosteroids) are not at a greater risk, those on a higher dose may be, but they?re also possibly vulnerable due to the nature of their advanced disease anyway. But I believe there was a question around it back in March.However, if you?re concerned please contact your GP

For me moving out of London has helped my asthma considerably, I guess the air in our beloved city wasn?t doing me any good. So I?m happy I feel better, but I?m not cured of it, just less in need of the ICS since moving here to Sevenoaks.

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DCR Wrote:


> It depends on your definition of the word 'catch'

> in this context.

> Some infections (such as HPV) can increase the

> risk of cancer.

> If you are unfortunate to be radiated with a

> single dose of around 70 rads you will have

> radiation sickness that will lead to cancer in the

> human body. The severity of this (similarly with

> Covid) is dependent on age, pre-existing

> conditions etc.

It's Grays isn't it - I did Grays in Uni even though that was 1984 (unless Brexit means we go back to Imperial/US units).

My mum had cancer and diagnosed as terminal - they upped the radiation and it cured the cancer but she died of a hemorrhage a few years later - almost certainly brought on by the treatment - so really the cancer killed her but slowly (or did it).

Oh .. she also swore the cancer was a result of Chernobyl (not sure of that but it was a type that is usually caused by an environmental thing)

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