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HELP, what are the rules about driving through Dul' Village


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I mostly cycle locally, today I happened to be in the car coming back to Peckham from Tulse Hill and went down Rosendale to make a change. After Croxted there were a lot of confusing signs!!!

Is Dulwich Village now closed to traffic at school opening and closing times?

If so where can I find some information on this, including a map- so I know when to avoid the area?

In my view the signage was not clear at all. If no cars why not a sign with a red circle? Also why not say Dulwich Village closed to traffic if that is what is the case?

When did this start?

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I'm really confused as well.

I have to take the car to my allotment (next to the tennis club on the South Circular, opposite the new skate park) if I have a lot of bulky or heavy stuff to unload.

Coming home again it has become really difficult to turn right from the entrance to the tennis club, because there is now so much more traffic going in that direction, so unless I wait ages for some kind person to let me in when there's a gap in the traffic going the other way, I have to turn left and go home via a really circuitous route.

Which is now even more circuitous with so many roads closed off or restricted in some way.

Coming from the South Circular, at the roundabout in DV, are cars forbidden to drive down Burbage Road completely during certain times, or is it just that you have to go round the roundabout first before turning left?

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There is a ?bus/ taxi only? gate from the roundabout into Burbage Road during the timed closures (8-10 and 3-6 weekdays) - it doesn?t make a difference whether you turn left or go around the roundabout. And of course DV northbound is shut at the same time. So assuming you live in east dulwich and can?t turn right out of (I?m assuming the Camber tennis club), then it?s not easy. You could turn left on the 205 and then right into college road, turn around somewhere eg Frank Dixon way and then battle back along the 205 and left into LL. or otherwise head to Croxted Road - but that takes you through the very congested HH junction / (still fixing the railway bridge). You can?t go right into Turney off croxted and left into Burbage to cut out that junction as there is a bus gate turning from Turney into Burbage.

Don?t have any other brilliant ideas except try and travel outside the closure periods... I vaguely recall that TfL expressed reservations about turning right out of the camber etc site when considering the SMCricket club planning application earlier in the year- so you?re not wrong about the difficulty with that.

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I gave up my car in Feb 2019.

Things seem so complicated these days.

I cannot drive at the moment due to Cataracts and poor eyesight.

Parking in my road (Ulverscroft) is now very difficult.

Even if I get my eyesight sorted, I do not think I will ever buy another car.

Parking and road closures is just too much of a nightmare.

I used to drive for pleasure back in the 70's.

That is no longer the case.

Petrol was around 15p a gallon back then as I remember. Might be wrong.


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Some kind EDF person sent me a shot of the letter to residents, I still cannot fully fathom it out, partly because it seems traffic can go one way up roads but not the other. I'm not sure why they don't use the red circle signs on the roads you cannot use with the times underneath, plus flashing lights when the road is restricted?
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Thanks legalalien.

Yes, it's the Camber tennis club and I live just off North Cross Road.

I think you're right that I will have to time my journeys outside the closure periods.

I had thought about turning round and coming back down the 205, as you suggest, but decided that I'd rather spend the time driving than sitting in the massive queue of cars going in that direction.

What a nightmare. I really feel for anybody who is affected by this every day, particularly as we are supposed to be avoiding public transport wherever possible.

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This needs to go on the ED issues part of this forum. There are zillions of posts, but don't say that you are a cyclist as you will be loathed.

The rules used to be - drive badly down Court Lane, get stuck for 20 minutes at the junction, then crawl all the way to Red Post Hill thinking the houses may be nice and worth millions but BH the traffic......

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No no no, you're wrong. Driving around Dulwich before this year was effortless, safe and speedy before econazi cyclists ruined it and literally throttled kittens.

"my view the signage was not clear at all. If no cars why not a sign with a red circle? "

A blue sign means "only these things may go down here". A red sign means "these things may not go down here". Drivers are supposed to know the difference - however, I admit that the signage wasn't immediately intuitive to me and I was glad the council put in more red advisory signs.

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Just driven back from Dulwich woods with ancient dog and only because of this thread I looked out for the new signs. The first one at junction of South circular and College Road going North has too much text for any driver to read and comprehend safely while driving. They would have already made the decision to cross into Dulwich Village before realizing and being thumped with a fine. Further signs are pretty small. I had no idea of these changes until reading about it here and have been blithely driving to the woods, luckily on a Sunday, oblivious to these understated signs.
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malumbu Wrote:


> Probably better to walk in future, I expect that

> you had a good reason to drive but this is a good

> example of short car journeys we should be doing

> less of.

We try and walk everywhere but its an hour's walk from my house to Dulwich Woods at the College Road access according to Google Maps, with an old Labrador to enjoy a one hour interesting wooded walk, then back, taking the walk to a three hour walk. Possibly I could get him on the 37 bus and then something that goes through Dulwich village?

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In deed That's why I didn't lob in an insult, there was no sarcasm in my comment, although trouble is you can read the written word in so many ways. I have to defer to the Late Father Jack if I use sarcasm.

But yes, please do 'ban' Xmas and spread the celebrations and joy over the remainder of the year. I don't believe in God but quite happy to celebrate the solstice. We could then add every other pagan, religious and other reasons to celebrate (30 July 1966, Birthdays of Nelson Mandela, David Attenborough, George Soros, Joseph Rowntree, Morrissey, oh no not Morrissey...., nor Bono or Chris Martin)


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