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Which Lordship Lane coffee shop/ cafe is best for...


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An interview in a public space like a cafe? I don't think that is fair for the would-be employee or the others there. Why not try to interview in an outdoor space - it could make for a good way of getting to know the person in a different way to the norm. Good luck - especially to the candidate....
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Whether you can or can't is not the point. It's not a neutral place and why should other guests, who want a social chat or to read a book or just sit quietly, have to put up with someone who is straining to be perceived in the best possible light - interviews are stressful and unnatural so having the added threat of someone overhearing your earnest and over-embellished replies isn't fair on anyone. Do it in a park or somesuch - you could use it to get a better measure of someone.
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Thanks to all those who replied!

Plough and Kanella good suggestions - but reading the latest Covid guidance, apparently you are allowed to meet with a non-bubble person in the outdoor seating area of a pub or restaurant ( but not inside).

So in the light of that could anyone add to the list of suggested places?

PS @Nigello just to re-assure you: I appreciate your concern for the interviewee but just to clarify this is NOT a job interview, it is an informal chat with someone who has agreed to contribute a few anecdotes for an article.

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