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Sainsburys DKH rubbish at customer service


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Hello all, I want to get something off my chest, regarding the largest store in ED

ON Wednesday 8th December, a vulnerable neighbour of mine went into Sainsbury's, purchased her trolly of food, normal stuff as she is in there a lot. She paid for her food and started walking away from thew till. She noticed she had a number of her credit/debit and membership cards in her hand, so she stopped outside the cafe there and started looking for her purse. BINGO, she could not find it. She went back to the till, to look around, and even ask the cashier, but no luck. On the following day, she asked if I go to the store with her, and confessed she had over ?200 in the purse at the time (Xmas money). We went to the store, and the lady made a beeline to security but was referred to customer service. We spoke to customer service, and informed her what had happened, she checked their computer system, and nothing had been handed in. We asked if we could look at the camera footage, so the lady could pinpoint what happened. We were asked for the receipt, which was provided, and told because of data protection, we could not, but security could. we were asked to complete our shopping and return back. We returned back to security and were told the lady was seen putting the purse back into her bag after leaving the till. We knew this was incorrect, and asked a different staff member to speak to a manager. Several minutes later, the staff member informed us the manager was in a meeting but prepared to talk on his mobile phone. We explained what had happened, and was advised she would call on Friday morning. Friday morning came and went, and nothing. We called customer services on Saturday and was told a manager would contact us. We did get a call a few hours later, but none of the information supplied to customer services was passed onto him, so we made another long description. we told the manager we did not hold the store at fault but wanted to know what exactly happened in the store. was she picked pocketed, did she drop the purse, was the purse left on the side. we agreed the manager would call back Monday, even if there was no update, the store failed to call back again, anyone have any suggestions at to what to do next?

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thank you for this, it looks like I would need to submit a subject access request, I will contact customer service again on how to do this. I also feel like raising this as an official complaint, but doubt this would go anywhere. It's funny, but I somehow placed Sainsbury's in very high esteem, but clearly, they don't care about customers, especially vulnerable ones who use their stores. I am actually now considering using alternative supermarkets. It's clear they don't return calls.
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