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No free social cycle rides for a while

Sally Eva

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I think everyone can guess why. We have been managing to keep Healthy Rides going whenever the regulations allowed - which was most of the time. Now we are in Tier 4. There are lots of pretty pictures of what's going wrong here: https://covid.joinzoe.com/data. Enjoy.

Tier 4 means no more rule of 6 and no more sociable Healthy Rides for now. However 2 people can meet outdoors and clearly could go on a bike ride. So we hope most of you will be on your bikes a bit over the festive period. The easy 1-2 hour rides that were designed for the Lockdown in April are still up on the Southwark Cyclists web site https://southwarkcyclists.org.uk/healthy-rides/do-it-yourself-hrs/. These have turn-by-turn details and other information. Give one a try.

If you do it would be nice to have some photos of rides during Tier 4 on the HR Facebook Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/553896211918871). If you are not in this group, just go to the link and request to join.

As soon as the cases have dropped and the regulations allow, Healthy Rides will be back. In the meantime, Stay Safe over the next few weeks.

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