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Plumber to fix broken Beko Washer Dryer?

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I have a broken Beko Washer/Dryer (integrated). I've gone round the houses with companies (Beko/Curry's) saying they can't fix as they can't source a part.

Can anyone recommend a plumber? Someone came out to assess and made the issue worse - it was previously just not turning on but now it's filled with water.

The part is apparently a Main PCB module if anyone can recommend suppliers.

Sorry to post on here it's just without the big companies helping I'm at a loss with what to do and scared the house will flood sad smiley

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You can easily drain the water out from the filter at the bottom. You definitely do not need a plumber for an appliance you need a appliance engineer.

If Beko cannot source the part for you nobody will be able to unfortunately. All parts suppliers parts will come from the manufacturer to start with.

I wouldn?t use espares for any parts. They are massively over priced and send out pattern parts for the price of original parts.

I can talk you through draining the water away if you like.


Steve (Spin Doctor)

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Thanks so much, I really appreciate it. Steve I've left you a message on your mobile.

The company I called (listed on the machine) were a bunch of charlatans if I'm honest. They signed me up to a ?15 per month plan, sent someone round, he said he'd be in touch to fix it. By chance I called said company earlier today to let them know that the situation had worsened and that water was sitting in the machine and they said "oh, we cancelled your policy because it was too expensive to fix" - but no one told me! I then called the sub contracted folk and asked what the problem was and they said the part was going to take "too long" to arrive - but didn't say how long. Seems odd they'd decide it was too long when I'm the customer and still don't know how long that is?

Any and all advice very much welcome. I've drained it with a bucket and some cloths and I *think* I've turned off the water supply.

Seems very wasteful to replace the machine when it's only 18 months old and could simply use a new part?

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> Any and all advice very much welcome.

1) Speak with 'Spin Doctor' Steve. He's the expert.

2) The remedies I'd be thinking of are (a) (assuming it is a control board that's the problem) replacing it, either new or maybe even a salvaged one as may be found on Ebay or elsewhere; (b) (assuming you bought it new from a business) asserting your right to repair or replacement by the seller, of an item that has turned out to be not of merchantable quality, or whatever the current term is. But you're going to need an expert to help with either of these or any other suggestion.

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