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Missing Mouse pointer on PC


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My Mouse pointer has gone from my PC.

'Mice and other pointing devices ' is missing from 'Device Manager'

I have tried using 'Scan for 'Hardware Changes' in Device Manager (youtube tutorial)

this should show 'mice and other pointing devices' and reinstall it but does not show in list.

I am stumped.. any ideas as to how I can fix this problem



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morning DF

I googled Missing Mouse Pointer and found this


It may be useful, I don't know what system you have, but there is lots of infor online.

someone may be able to provide tailored support to you - I hope you get this fixed.


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Long time ago (when I did this) devices used to be found in device manager as "unknown device" or a device that is not working.

Maybe upgrading the device driver or removing and re-scanning anything like that would help.

Just checked mine and there's also "view"->"show hidden devices" - might show up something ?

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assume it's a wired USB mouse Foxy?

have you tried a different USB port and restarting? Any chance of using same mouse on a different pc?

I'm happy to send you a new mouse if you need one as I have a few spare - am sure someone more local will jump in before tho

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It's the mouse from my Touch Pad. not an actual separate mouse.

I have made a BIG mistake.. Following online instruction..

I disabled '12c HID' device. BUT I cannot Enable it because my Touch pad now is not working

and I do not have a Mouse.

I have tried calling Netquest but not answering

I am now using a 15 year old Windows XP machine with no email


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*** SORTED ***

I contacted a guy from Solid Rock IT UK Name Mark

Very Nice guy.. His workshop is currently closed but does Call outs..

Told him my problems and booked me in for a call out today.

I asked him about Starting in Safe Mode on Windows 10

He said . Power Down.. Hold Shift Key and power up...

I tried this and.... Everything came back up as normal .. with Cursor..

Was able to then Enable '12c HID' in device manager..

All fixed.

I Strongly recommend Mark

Solid Rock IT UK

38 Grove Vale

07951 878 703


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