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Moths in ED

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Is it just me or is there a general abundance of moths in ED lately? Although we?ve had them in the past, it?s been nothing like as bad as it is now... thankfully, they aren?t seeming to munch on knitwear (small mercy!) but there?s been such a steady stream I wondered if they were afflicting others?
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There are many more species of moth than butterflies. Once went on a moth hunt in Sydenham Hill Woods, something you do yourselves - https://www.nhbs.com/1?slug=moth-traps&q=&fR[hide][0]=false&fR[live][0]=true&fR[shops.id][0]=1&fR[subsidiaries][0]=1&hFR[subjects_equipment.lvl1][0]=Entomology%20%3E%20Moth%20Traps

But really best to post this on the nature thread.

If you are talking about clothes moths (perhaps retitle your thread) its always been awful in SE London. Get yourself a sticky trap to monitor them, cedar wood balls in your chests and wardrobes and nuke them with sprays and moth bombs. And then repeat every few months (sat here in a lambswool jumped with a few holes). Don't leave woolens on the floor, wash regularly, move furniture as some carpets will be susceptible too.

We have had other slightly larger brown moths that don't disintegrate when you crush them and are easier to catch, even though you don't need to. One obligingly flew into my mouth.

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