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Dogs left barking in gardens

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Do you mean an unhappy dog?

Our dog barks happily (well, enthusiastically) at passing aircraft and the next door neighbour?s leaf blower. She gets five minutes max (less if it?s the early hours of the morning)before being forcibly redeployed in the interests of maintaining neighbourly relations... incessant barking drives me mad so you have my sympathies.

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Not all dogs that bark are unhappy but just badly trained and with inconsiderate owners. We have one on EDGrove/ Melbourne grove corner. And one on Melbourne grove itself.

I?ve yelled at the owners a few times and they seem to be left outside less.

Find out who it is and leave a note saying how concerned / irritated you are. Keep a log, report to council.

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I was just thinking unhappy at being alone (OP mentions it happening more and more) in light of media reports about people acquiring dogs in lockdown, and potentially now leaving them at home alone as the owners' work and social lives outside the home pick up.
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singalto Wrote:


> Today, the dog was barking in its garden for a

> good 5 hours..

Have you spoken to the owners? Is it possible that they don't realise?

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