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Alarm/Ringing from flats off Abbotswood Road

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There has been an alarm warning alarm ringing from the flats off Abbotswood road for the majority of this weekend.

Anyone else hearing?

Does anyone know who owns/manages the block of flats (I believe its related to Kings Hospital) - so I can contact them as A) Very annoying and B) its sounding for a reason and therefore something needs investigating

Thanks all

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Yes! This has been an ongoing problem for many, many years - probably about 10!. The ringing comes from the plant room to the left of the entrance.

The block is owned by the business arm of London and Quadrant. I had their number last year when I rang to complain about the noise. I was working from home through the lockdown and it was driving me insane.

The sound is intermittent so it runs for a weekend and then you won't hear it for a few days or a few months.

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