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Recommendations for loose leaf tea


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I switched from bags to loose tea a couple of years ago - that has helped improve my taste buds but also gone off high tannin varieties

The decent stuff is ??? so have compromised by going own brand - mainly Sainsbury's Darjeeling. I got a vat of Turkish tea from Forest Hill Road Supermarket but this didn't make nice white tea, and should be brewed black using two pots as in Turkey.

Just tried another home brand (Gold Label) which I found the leaves were too fine, and it was the nearest to instant tea I've made. Reviews on line are polarised - ie 'leaves too fine' to 'lovely and strong'.

What do my good friends in SE22 and beyond recommend?

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I've not tried any of the main brands - Yorkshire, PG Tips, Clipper and the like.

The BBC programme taking a family through running a corner shop over the last 100 years or so was quite illuminating. In the 50s grocers would still stock many different types of tea and blend them for customers. We've long lost that appreciation (I think it is more trendy for coffee). Perhaps there is a tea tasting course I can do post lockdown.

Of course the water, freshly boiled, vessel and brew time are important too.

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Before The first Lockdown I started buying My Loose Leaf Tea from Fortnum and Mason

from their store in Piccadilly. Amazing Shop and Not as Expensive as other places on Line.


This one is one of my Favourites. Royal Blend.

Another is Countess Grey. A milder form of Earl Grey.

Both ?12.50 for 250 gr 8.8 oz. in an attractive Caddy which can be refilled with Loose Tea at a reduced price.

See selection of Black Teas here: https://www.fortnumandmason.com/tea/all-teas/black


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No no no Sparticus. We all know that tea bags contain the sweepings off the floor. Which my current Sainsbury's loose tea seems to be made from. I'll be over to yours DF for a tasting. Price ain't too bad, others are around ?6 for 50g
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Since last year's lockdown I have been using The Tea Makers of London (www.theteamakers.co.uk) and Whittard of Chelsea (www.whittard.co.uk) for my supply, both deliver. Also agree with Foxy - F&M is a good choice.
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Now that has made me want a cup of lapsang, which I haven't tasted for decades.

Long long ago there was a place on Lordship Lane (was it Le Chandelier?) which had a huge variety of teas to drink there.

Can't remember if they sold the leaves to take away, though.

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tomszekeres Wrote:


> Can heartily recommend Good & Proper Tea. Based

> over in Brockley, they're massively on it when it

> comes to sustainability and ethical sourcing. And

> a great local business.


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Great to see a thread about Tea for a change, instead of coffee! I only drink tea, and also converted back to loose leaf a couple of years ago. I used to go to the Tea shop on Neal St, Covent Garden when I first came to London in the 80?s.. but sad to see it looks like it?s now closed since lockdown?

Thanks for the recommendations, tomszekeres and esp to Dulwich Fox for the heads up about F&M ,, you?re right, it?s better value,, surprisingly!

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