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Horniman, Fairlawn, Eliot Bank

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I would like to tap into the collective well of knowledge in this Forum if I may.

Although of course we are able to look up statistical details re: these three primary schools in Forest Hill, including their Ofsted status, it is hard to find out what these schools are really like and in particular what parents think about them.

The statistics do not give any information about important aspects of school life such as art, music, drama and opportunities to play outside etc.

We are moving to Forest Hill, to a location pretty much equidistant from these 3 schools, in June and have a vague preference for Eliot Bank but only because it is "outstanding" rather than "good" according to Ofsted.

Any insight would be very much appreciated!

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They are all excellent schools so if your children go to any one of them they will be fine. All have quite small catchments so it may come down to where you find a house. Dont just go by Ofsted ratings- they were all set a long time ago and cant be regraded any higher. My kids are at Horniman- it's the smallest of the schools so has a great community feel and strong on arts.
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