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ulez zone ??


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If you live within the North or South Circulars and drive you will pay a daily charge of ?12.50, if your car is Diesel registered before September 2015 (September 2014 for a few models). Older petrol cars are free if they were registered from 2006 although some older than this may be OK.

Google ULEZ extension and it will tell you all, including checking your number plate if you are unsure if you pay or not.

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Spartacus Wrote:



> Not convinced it's clear to outside London drivers

> as its a white circle with a black border and ULEZ

> in black. Didn't really jump out as to what it is

> in my opinion.

Sounds like it's actually a very black and white issue.

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Look for a camera at every road junction with the south circular. They are black and look a bit like a pair of binoculars.Quute discreet.

Register for auto-pay. It's ?10 to register a car but you save ?2.50 for each charge and then you can at least be sure you won't be caught out and receive a big fine

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High risk strategy. If you think you've found a crafty route and you use it several times and you don't spot the one camera on that route you could end up with a stack of fines that arrive all at once two weeks later.

Congestion Charge cameras are at the boundaries and in the zone so if you move around, even if you don't cross a boundary, you will likely be caught on camera. ULEZ will be the same

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ken78 Wrote:


> so i live in dulwich and drive to kent and back

> again on the same day will i have to pay to get to

> my home ???

If you do it all in one day then you pay one days ULEZ, it's not a case of paying to come back in but paying if you are seen on camera

Therefore leaving the boundary will trigger a charge, and entering again later in the day will be covered by the same charge

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