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Swimming lessons for toddlers


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Hi all

We have been trying for a long time to find some organised swimming lessons for our two year old for a Saturday or a Sunday. We have tried the obvious (Better, Everyone Active, Waterbabies etc) but there doesn't seem to be anything available.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!



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Beckenham Spa

Cindy?s swim school

Possibly tigersharks

They don?t really do lessons at 2 - just a bit of getting used to the water and splashing about, which you could do yourself at any family session if you are able to get in the water. If not, is there a suitable friend or relative who could be persuaded?

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You can't teach a 2yo to swim. As the last poster suggested, it's time in the water that's important. Take your child to Forest Hill or Beckenham Spa every Sunday for the next few years. They have early morning sessions in the learner pools. Get your child used to the water if they aren't already - holding their breath, paddling about on their front and back which will build up core strength and co-ordination.. then get them into the deeper pool when they're 4yo and start lessons shortly after.

I've seen so many kids at swimming clubs who have been in lessons since they were toddlers but at 10yo, they still can't swim properly because the only time they get in the pool is on holiday or during lessons (aka middle-class childcare).

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