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ULEZ for inner and outer south circular Dulwich EDF regulars


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Hello Friends and Neighbours

As someone that lives outside the south circular in West Dulwich, I'm going to have to think twice about what to purchase when I see something in the classified section of EDF, of which I use view almost daily. It's not just for that but also for other community projects and services.

I'm disabled and as a blue badge holder I'm not exempt on an older wheelchair access vehicle (WAV) I have. Yes we are all in it together, but I don't use it just for myself as I'm 'ambulant disabled' and have a registered ULEZ applicable vehicle, but I and others that have older WAV will be restricted even more than it is already for disabled residents. If you bought your WAV years ago and let's face it most of them don't have many miles on them and are usually in good condition as they tend not to be daily drivers. Many are purchased after the lease agreement (Motability) has ended and are offered at a discounted rate. Some have spent many thousands of their own money having the WA conversion and therefor tend to keep the vehicle, but now it can't be used unless you pay for the ULEZ charge, and if you live outside the zone but work/volunteer inside then that position becomes untenable.

Yes, as an environmentalist/conservationist I'm a supporter of the charge but I feel it has been ill conceived.

I'll get off my soapbox now I've had my little rant.

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