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Might be of help to anyone suffering with addiction, is in recovery or well being/self worth issues


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Shared as I hope this might give considerable comfort to anyone that has any addiction, is in recovery or may still have 'well being/self belief' issues.

Feedback/comments most welcome.

Fashion Weekly Podcast With Miranda Holder / 16. DJ Fat Tony

I have just finished listening to this fab podcast, no multi tasking for the duration well apart from vaping. I am so inspired by what Tony shared, it should be compulsive listening for anyone that has any addiction or like myself is in recovery, even after three suicide attempts in 2019 (Jan 23 Jan 30 and May 7), there will NOT be a forth. What Tony shared about how he deals with the unavoidable dark thoughts we all have, is so helpful.

I will never take my recovery for granted, and thank God whoever that might be that I finally have gained coping tools with a fantastic support network including zoom weekly 121 therapy.

Right now I am dealing and coping well with a very significant setback. I have given up something which for 15 months was of huge benefit to my well being and unintended benefit to my local community, to continue was not an option,the second image shared here is quite relevant. If this situation had occurred during my dark period it could have tipped me over. Listening to this interview will also help me to deal with the inevitable fallout, I know positives will come out of this.

Also to anyone that might dismiss any twelve step program well think again when you listen to this podcast.

28 years an addict, blew over ?1 million on a total non life, to have pulled all your teeth out with pliers, to end up with nothing and now coming up five teen years clean to finally be living again and playing at the most exclusive clubs, yet taking nothing for granted pinching yourself that you are yet again giving people the best possible party experience, your ability to reach out selflessly to help others with addiction, I applaud you from the rooftops.

Also to anyone thinking of becoming a DJ listen to this masterclass on what can make you 'top tier.'

Just loved your thoughts about fashion and feel even more reassured that my personal 'you are what you wear' my gender fluid fix mixing never following any trend or 'label' is so on the right track.

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