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Studio Leo Casting Call for returning Channel 5 show.


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Do you have hidden treasures in your home?

Are you hoping to turn your collectibles into cash?

Would you like to raise money for a special event, project, purchase or purpose?

A much-loved classic TV series is coming back and we?re looking for people to take part. If you have any items that you?d like valued by an expert for a potential sale, we?d love to hear from you.

From childhood toys & games to vintage & designer clothing, retro electronics to antique heirlooms, could your home be harbouring treasures which, at auction, could fetch the funds to make a dream into reality?

Drop our friendly team an email or text and we will get back to you.

Email: [email protected]

Text/WhatsApp: 07704 600331

All conversations are confidential in the first instance.

Chatting to our team does not obligate you to take part.

You can view our privacy policy here

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> Are you hoping to turn your collectibles into cash?

OED online (2020):

collectable, adj. and n.


Hear pronunciation/kəˈlɛktəb(ə)l/

Forms: Also (now chiefly U.S.) -ible.

Frequency (in current use): Show frequency band information


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