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Pioneer CDJ1000 MK3 x 2, Behringer DDM 4000 and flight case DJ bundle


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Hi there, I am selling this ready to go CDJ set. They have been kept in a flight case so are in VG condition. I have had a look on ebay at recent sold prices to get an idea. Pair of the CDJ 1000 mk3 sell for £300-400 (some individually have sold for over £200), mixer sells for £150-200 and flight case from £50-150. Ultimately will put on eBay but with flight case they are quite heavy so easier to sell locally first. 

I am happy to sell the lot for £450. See pics. I can provide videos and happy to try before you buy. 

Can also look to sell individual bits (at lower bound of above price ranges)

Feel free to DM or contact me on 07747046459

thanks a lot





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