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Take care near frozen lakes - dog rescued this morning in Dulwich

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5 hours ago, Spartacus said:

This thread has turned from.a genuine warning about dogs on Ice, something that is the cause of most human cold water drownings when they go to rescue their dogs, to a modern day villagers vs Franenstiens monster with the edf masses marching through the street screaming for the monstes blood !

99.99% of us weren't there so speculation and rumours are flying.

Guess I need to start a pitchfork business and make some cash whilst the mob gets angry. 

Incident over, dog safe, no-one or no animals harmed in making of this epic but good initial advice, take care on frozen water 🤔

Good idea. I think I'll join you and start equine trading - specialising in high horses. We could clean up. 

So glad your dog's OK, Mary T. You must have been terrified. Happened to mine once and it took me longer to get over the shock than my pup. 

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It's quite possible (note the use of conjecture and suggestion here), the brigade may have used the incident as an excuse for a water training exercise. We'd all hope that when called to something very serious involving say, children, they'd already be very familiar with their equipment - so I wouldn't so hastily be critical of them sending four tenders for a pet.

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Sight hounds or sight hound crosses (lurchers) often catch and kill squirrels. I’ve seen it happen once. The park gardeners have confirmed this to me and one I spoke to said that she was happy about it as the squirrels dig up the bulbs they have planted.  There are many squirrels around the lake area. And to confirm, I’m not happy about dogs killing squirrels.  Sight hounds (and other dogs) often kill cats and small dogs as well.  I’m not happy about that either.

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Do sight hounds 'often' kills cats and small dogs? I'd like to see your stats on that. Sight hounds generally have very gentle natures. Yes, dogs sometimes kill squirrels, but that's life. Are you just as disapproving of cats because they kill mice and voles? 

My dog once packed with three other dogs and took out two of my cousin's ducks. I was mortified. Cousin just shrugged and said that's how the animal kingdom works. We can't always control animals' natural instincts and urges, try as we might. 

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On 20/01/2024 at 19:42, MaryT said:

I am the owner of said dog! Thank you to those who asked after her. She's absolutely fine and none the worse for her dip, a veritable Wim Hoff of the canine world!! My partner was astonished to see all the fire engines rock up (not at his insistence!) but the team were brilliant as were the groundstaff. She had swum to the central island and much combined head-scratching could not work out how to safely retrieve her. I'll ignore all the sanctimonious, ill-informed commentary from those who weren't there and don't know what happened. Suffice to say she was not savaging any wildlife.  Do feel free to tut and finger-wag in person; we are in the park most days with our friendly and (mostly) well-behaved dog.

Mistakes happen, fair enough, but a slightly more apologetic tone (considering the disruption it caused) might not be entirely out of place. Sometimes, it's OK to hold your hands up and admit you may have messed up. Or perhaps there is more to it and circumstances were out of your control, in which case why not take the opportunity to shed a little light and correct the 'ill-informed commentary' rather than just attack those who may be concerned about what happened? Presumably the dog was off the lead, out of control, and on the island (which is meant to be a safe area for wild birds)? 

... I get a bit tired of the attitude that some dog owners have to the park and to other park users.

Anyway, I'm glad the dog was unharmed.

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