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Dangerous trees that belong to the Dulwich Estate

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All the trees in the back of my house belong to the Estate.

They completely ignore the state of the tress that are now

quite dangerous and blocking all the light even in summer months.

I have a young grandchild in the garden a lot these days.


Any advice on where I can take action.

I love the trees but they need cutting back 

this has been going on for 7 years.

Please DM if you have had/having a similar experience.




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I assume the trees are not on your property? If they are not, then you have a right to cut (or have someone cut on your behalf) overhanging branches (offering to return cuttings to the property where they originated).

You have no rights to natural light as such, as regards trees, although there are restrictions on the heights of certain types of hedging. You may not cut neighbouring trees in a way which would permanently damage them (cause them permanent harm) - for instance by severing roots. 

You can ask the owner of the trees whether they have been assessed for safety, pointing out that where they have not been, and where subsequent damage to life, limb, or property occurs, they may be fully liable. (Of course, trees even when assessed can subsequently be brought down by, e.g. high winds, but regular assessment would avoid claims of negligence against the tree owner).


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3 hours ago, wilson said:

However I think I am entitled to natural light 

You are not, when the light is 'stolen' by trees, (with special exceptions for certain types of hedging). . You are as regards a neighbour building e,g. an extension. 

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We had similar. Large trees at bottom

of one garden, blocking light but not dangerous.  Neighbours got together, spoke with owner and paid for tree surgeon to tidy it up and give the tree a health check.

is your tree dangerous or is it big and you’d rather it was smaller?

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