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Influence the show at Belair House, Gallery Road Friday 19th June

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I'm also a professional magician and work a lot around East Dulwich, teach at Dulwich Hamlet Junior School, put on shows at the Dulwich Park Fair etc. All I can say is that I really rate this show. Please see what others are saying about it.

What they?re saying about the show?

?Roberto Forzoni that was just amazing mind-reading?

Princess Beatrice

?Roberto that was just unbelievable..how on earth did you do that??

Holly Branson

?Thank you?you were brilliant! I was blown away by your performance. The act is original and unique and extremely impressive. Mind-Blowing?

Laura Hamilton

?Great evenings entertainment. Lots of gasps of amazement and disbelief at Roberto?s ability to read minds and predict random events so accurately. A very enjoyable hour which passed all too quickly. If his show comes near you go and see it. But don?t let me ?Influence? you?

Roy Marsh

?Saw Roberto Forzoni?s brilliant show last night with Roy Marsh, Kevin Bird,Mark Hesketh Jennings, Simon Darnley, Joanna Paprika, Simon Rosselli and lots more. It was fabulous! Go and see it if you get the chance?

Sarah Campbell

?Fantastic, magical & mind boggling show performed by the mastermind himself Roberto?. Must say I was impressed. Looking forward to the next one? Don?t miss it!?

Vilma Zuccolini

?If you get the chance to see this show, on its travels, do yourself a favour and put it on your ?to do? list. I?ve just watched the first of hopefully manyshows, absolutely excellent and thoroughly entertaining?

Kevin Bird

?Roberto?s demonstration of psychological mind control made the whole audience gasp on numerous occasions throughout the show. I can?t recommend this enough. You will be blown away! Excellent Show?

Simon Darnley

?Great show, we had a fantastic evening with Roberto ? highly recommended. Nice bar for a drink pre and post show.?

Fuller Weston Football Academy

?Lots of you would have met our friend Roberto Forzoniand been astounded by his magic. He?s absolutely amazing and if you?d like to experience an evening which will leave you speechless have a look at your diary for May 21st. His show is called Influence and it?s at the beautiful Belair House in Dulwich?

Amanda Gandhi

?A MUST see! It will blow you away!? Angela Timmins

?Seen the very talented Roberto Forzoni a few times now and he is absolutely amazing! Totally unbelievable! His last show was sold out but luckily he has several more dates coming up. The show is called Influence so check it out,would highly recommend going to see him?

Karen Glover

?Check out Roberto Forzoni he is just amazing as a magician, mind reader. I have never seen anybody so brilliant, you will love his show.?

Karen Simmons

?This is definitely an interesting experience?a good night out at a great venue before my friend Mr Roberto Forzoni hits the West End with his fantastic Influence Show.?

Angela Jelley

?Book tickets to Roberto Forzoni! I?ve seen this magician in action. Looking forward to seeing his show!?

Melissa Rae White Hill

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