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Trivial Pursuit

Alan Medic

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Long story short. Was thinking of using my old version (Genus 1982) for an end game in an annual family clash which I'm hosting. Having tested it out of myself, I scored 20% correct and then 13% correct on 10 questions from each category.I did much better in some than others. Given the players may not be much better than me it made me look at what other versions there are out there, and I came across the Trivial Pursuit Bet You know It version. Has anyone played it? I like the concept of a bit of betting being included. How did you find it? I loved this review on Amazon:

I purchased this for my four year old Red Setter, Alberic, having been advised by his "dog trainer" that he showed signs of unusually high intelligence for a dog. Based on our experience with this particular game I have to conclude that his so called "intelligence" has been greatly exaggerated and I've unfortunately entered into a protracted and ongoing legal battle with the "dog training school" in question. In a purely human setting, I must say that the game is excellent and has provided my Mother, Grandmother and myself with many evenings of fun, unsullied by the filth that seems to be the only substance that the television seems to be capable of providing in this day and age. With Alberic however, the game never really got off the ground. Despite more than ten minutes of patient and careful explanation, he simply didn't seem to understand even the most basic rules, and after several hours of perseverance I must admit to failure. Alberic has now eaten four sets of dice (eight die in total), which promises a miserable and smelly day of board-game ancillary recovery tomorrow. Good, but not great.

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Haven't played the betting version Alan and am sure I would be rubbish at it!

However, I do think that the older versions of TP are a lot better than the more recent ones where the questions seem dumbed down (not that I am any good at answering them) but subject matter is utter drivel. Mind you, I only ever play this at Christmas after too many glasses of champagne so what do I know.

I steer clear of the pinks and oranges. They are my worst categories.

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