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Free philosophy sessions for nursery and reception kids start this Thu

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The Philosophy Foundation (www.philosophy-foundation.org) is running free philosophy sessions for nursery and reception children (3-5) in June in Sydenham. I have signed my child up but the organiser has just told me that they are low on numbers and might not be able to run these sessions. They need to get a few more kids signed up by Wednesday.

I have no idea what these sessions will be like as I have no connection to the Foundation but this sounds like an interesting idea to enhance the development of our children and it is completely free. Please have a look at the info and link below and contact Emma ([email protected]) if you would like to sign up.

Thank you in advance!

Free philosophy sessions for ages 3-5 (http://www.philosophy-foundation.org/media-centre/upcoming-events#free-philosophy-sessions-for-ages-3-5)

The Philosophy Foundation (www.philosophy-foundation.org) is offering nursery and reception children, and their parents free philosophy sessions for 4 weeks from Tuesday 2nd June.

What's the big idea?

At the age of 4 and 5 children?s ideas about the world are just forming. They are exploring new things, meeting new people and there is a lot to think about: fairness, friendship, pretend and real, fault and blame, happiness, to name just a few.

Our sessions help young people to think through these new ideas and problems as a group. They come together and listen to their peers, developing vital thinking and communication skills that are fundamental to learning across the curriculum.

Play and exploration are at the heart of every young child?s learning and we take this approach to all our sessions which incorporate games, stories and child-led learning.

Where and when?

We will be running three groups - 2 for 3/4 year olds and one for 4/5 year olds at Here for Good, 17 Sydenham Road, SE26 5EX.

Pre-school group (ages 3 and 4)

Tuesday 2nd June - Tuesday 23rd June

Group 1 9.30-10am

Group 2 10am-10.30am

Reception group (ages 4 and 5)

Thursday 4th June - Thursday 25th June

Thursdays 3.45pm-4.45pm

Booking is absolutely essential as we have only a limited number of spaces.

To reserve your place for the 4 week course email [email protected] giving your child?s name, age and which session you would like to come along to.

These sessions are also a chance for parents to watch their children tackle some big questions, and to learn how to question them at home, we therefore recommend that you stay with your child during the sessions.

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