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Dulwich Village Stocks Stone - New, May 2015 Planning Notice to reply by June 17th


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A new Planning Notice has gone up on Calton Ave with response date by 17th June. See attached.

:: EDIT Photo added

I had only just read in the Dulwich Society Newsletter that it had been granted English Heritage Grade 2 listing yet immediately there is an application to move it and mount it on the wall of the new planned housing development.

Reference 15/AP/1772

Application Received Fri 08 May 2015


Proposal Relocation of the Grade II listed stone plaque to be mounted in the garden wall of the 3-bed dwelling proposed as part of planning application ref:14/AP/3104.

Status Registered as valid application

To respond - follow this link


Not sure how to respond to this one?

If anyone knows how best to flag this to English Heritage then please do so and also highlight link to respond to the Planning Application before the 17th June as you see fit.

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Crazy. What is going on.

I have objected via the link posted above. I have also written to the English Heritage national office in London: Email [email protected]. I encourage anyone else who is concerned to do the same.

This remarkable piece of history has been incredibly well preserved and deserves some effort to keep it in place. Why do we need to restrict the space and visibility that it enjoys today. It should be maintained and kept as it was intended and not be just another 'brick in the wall' and a convenience to line the pockets of property developers.

Where is the Dulwich Estate in this debate?

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Remarkable piece of history ?

I think that's a bit of a stretch.

It's a plaque marking where stocks were situated, once, many years ago.

They're not there now, they've gone, it's just a marker.

Why waste land for a mere marker ?

Every area had stocks, it was commonplace.

Dislike of property developers (if that's even the case) should not come in to it.

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The listed status was based on incorrect information. The stocks never actually stood where the sign is, their original site was nearby. This is from the Dulwich Society website:

While the Society welcomes the listing, English Heritage has partly based its decision on an incorrect secondary source. The Society has written to them pointing out the error and referred the organisation to the correct primary source.

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The Dulwich Society additionally note:

It is listed for the following principle reasons:

Historical interest: as a tangible and evocative reminder of crime and punishment during the Georgian period.

Rarity: as a rare and particularly early example of an 'improving' biblical text used to embellish a now demolished village lock-up.

Survival: the plaque survives in a very good condition with crisp lettering.

I lean towards it being left in place; well preserved and not likely to be damaged by disinterested parties lodging it in a wall. It seems it was discovered and housed safely in its current place sometime in the 1970s. Why not leave it there for posterity - in the open and as a statement - as it was originally intended to be.

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