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    • I sent you private message with details of a Wacom tablet I have . Jonas Mac
    • Wear a hat and take a large stick!😆
    • Is this anybody’s cat? Or does anyone recognise this cat? For a while now it has been outside in our garden, meowing persistently and eager to come inside, sometimes not leaving and sleeping there. Doesn’t seem in any immediate distress, just seems to be overly friendly. No collar. Appears to be female. Will take it to be checked for microchip if no one knows this cat. Near Barry Road/ Goodrich Road.
    • It would be better to hold a meeting adjacent to the venue, as has been done in the past. Let's not pretend that holding the meeting further away from the venue is not a useful deterrence to attendance.   Holding a series of smaller meetings  is just another way to divide and rule. This smacks of a tick box spin exercise, where the aim is to control the narrative rather than make significant changes to the event. If there is to be no council representative attending then that is even worse. It is the council that truly call the shots on all this.
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