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Depends on which nursery, how many days, and how soon. I didn't apply for any in advance. After 2 years of mat leave/sahm, I went back to work with v short notice when I was offered a fantastic position, and I couldn't find any nursery with the days I wanted locally. So my daughter ended up in a private Montessori nursery 2 min walk from my work near Waterloo. It was perfect but pricey.

There's always something availble, if you're flexible on time and cost. But, if you have your heart set on a particular nursery, then you might want to make enquiries sooner rather than later. However, if you don't take up the place, you don't get your deposit money back.

Nursery might not even be the right option for you and your LO. Every family is different. For under 2 year olds, it's often best if they have continuity of care, so a nanny/nanny share or childminder in a small setting might be better than nursery. It's good to know your options. xx

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