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State of Pavements


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EDmummy Wrote:


> Who was it that decided the pavements in Crystal

> Palace Road and in Dulwich Village needed

> replacing over one of the most walked pavements in

> the area?! The pavements are a disgrace pretty

> much all around here.

I don't think I understand this post.

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30 seconds walk from Liquorish so I guess I'm qualified to comment?

I misunderstood your post as I read it literally ie they'd paved over a busy bit of pavement, ie fixed it, which on the surface would have surely been a good thing.

I get your meaning now.

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Why not apply for funding from the Council? They've just opened applications for Cleaner Green Safer funding:

Every year, Southwark?s community councils award funding to ideas put forward by local people to improve their local environment. Any idea that brings a permanent physical improvement to the environment will be considered ? that is, any idea that makes your area Cleaner Greener or Safer! For example, you could ask for: improvements to parks or community gardens, more tree planting and wildlife areas,

children?s playgrounds or better lighting and fencing. Apply online here.

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