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buying from small shops


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Local shops are not going to compete with large chains of superstores and lean online businesses on price.

What they can compete on is expertise, advice, customer service, etc.

So if you have a DIY problem and don't know what tools or parts you need, then that's when places like Dulwich DIY *should* come into their own. Similarly if you need a very specific size/shape of bath or shower, then Bells have access to loads of suppliers, and can offer a much greater variety than most DIY chains. And also if you need to return or change any bits, then they're a very short drive away.

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Have you tried to get customer service in Homebase?

The only areas of 'specialist knowledge' the majority of their staff have are in nose picking, hiding in the warehouse thumbing texts ten to the dozen, waiting for their GCSE results, and pretending they haven't heard their name called over the tannoy when you want to get some bloody paint mixed.

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Smiler Wrote:


> It takes ages to drive to Wickes/Homebase in

> Catford and the B&Q in West Norwood is rubbish.

> Good to have local place.


Not suggesting you use them, but there's a Homebase on the way to Penge (up Sydenham Hill then turn left and immediately right down by the side of Crystal Palace Park) and a big B&Q on the Old Kent Road.

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