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Heber School Open Day Thurs 26 Nov


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Heber Primary School Open Day this Thursday 26th November from 9:30-11AM, Heber Rd SE22

Heber is a thriving school popular school where in the words of OFSTED ( Dec 2008):

"The headteacher and assistant headteachers have a successful,

relentless and expert focus on improving the quality of teaching and raising pupils' levels of achievement"

Heber has an extremely active parents association who organise regular events throughout the school year.

Come and meet us all on the 26th.

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We went and were very impressed. The girls who showed us round (Year 6) were absolutely delightful and seemed very proud of their school (and quite rightly so).

Its our nearest community school, and I'd be very happy to send my children there. Shame we probably won't get in!!

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I also went and was equally impressed. The two children who showed us around were lovely and the school certainly lived up to the good ofsted report it recently received.

However, there are very limited sports facilities. I'm new to all this and perhaps inner city state schools just dont' have sports facilities anymore (thanks Thatcher)

Instead they use JAGS and ALLEYN'S sports facilities at the end of term, after the private school kids have broken :(

They do have a small gym and a small playground.. it just doesn't seem anything like what we had as kids and sport is so important to us as a family.

Do other schools have better facilities or is a move to the country the only option...? or go private!

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Not the new build Harris Boys!

Yes Atticus I said exactly the same - we had playing "fields" when I was little at both primary and high school, and used to play rounders, hockey, cricket etc (and smoke at the bottom, obv). I think its an inner London thing - so move out or private are the only two options for that as far as I have worked out.

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