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Where to donate books & comics?

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Joined: 16 Sep 2008, 23:32

I'm clearing out my bookshelves ahead of a downsize. There are probably 3-400 books and a couple of hundred Superman comics that need to go.

The books are a mixture of novels (from historical to contemporary to chick lit), experience books (tales of comedic endeavours or travels), fantasy (Anne McCaffrey, Robin Hobb, George R Martin) with a smattering of novelty titles and non-fiction. They're mostly in 'as new' condition aside from the oldest which are more thumbed.

I've checked at my two nearest charity shops but they aren't taking books at the moment. It feels entirely wrong to just put them into the recycling bin (tho I know books are pulped all the time). Any thoughts of groups that might be able to use them?
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The old Kent road recycling depot has a books section. Also re the comics - have you tried free-cycle? - Google ita Amazing website for exchanging stuff. Totally agree - It would be real shame to junk the lot
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Maybe try the second hand bookshop on Oglander road next to the print shop?

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Otherwise for a few books there are various community libraries, one of which is right next to the church on Copelston road
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Had near 500 linear feet of books when we downsized. We hardly ever left the house without a bag or 2 of books so if passed a charity shop, community book case we cd leavesome even if I had a hosp appt cd leave some at Friends of Kings Book shop. A lot got collected by the British Heart Foundation along with clothes and furniture.

You cd keep a load in the car and try charity shops further afield that you pass.
Peepscollect comics and there are shops that sell which I wd have thought buy in bulk - google....only one can find=https://www.webuyanycomic.co.uk/sell-your-comics.... maybe ebay

https://books2africa.org/donatebooks - they collect

https://www.ziffit.com/en-gb/sell-my-bo ... uy%20Books . worth looking at.

Maybe local secondary schools.

Before we moved and since I put books in front of house- if your street has heavy footprint you cd be surpried at how quickly they go. Put the !st under plastic sheeting or in waterproof bags if the weather is inclement. I can't collect but wd be happy to take a couple of bags of fiction if you ever go down Bellenden Rd and could drop them off:-)

Good luck
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Oxfam bookshop in Herne Hill?
Sally Eva
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Joined: 20 Nov 2009, 07:29

Book swap box corner of Etherow Rd and Friern Rd
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I put them outside, as gabys1st most of them will go and it's a nice find for anyone who wants one (and let us all know where and when)
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Joined: 16 Sep 2008, 23:32

Thanks all.

I'd tried a few of those ideas (the comic/book buyers) but lots of other options to try now. Someone else told me about the National Trust bookshops at various properties to check out too.
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The Ivy House in Nunhead takes books for their community library, but I doubt they would want that many!

I would have thought the Oxfam bookshop in Herne Hill was your best bet. I've taken trolley loads there.

But I get loads of books second hand from various online places, if there are specific books I'm after. Don't know where they get their books from but you could investigate?
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Joined: 26 Sep 2021, 13:16

There are companies like Ziffit who buy second hand books if you draw a blank with donating. It's a painless procedure - you scan the books which will tell you how much they'll pay, pack the books securely, Ziffit will arrange for free collection and, once they've received your books and checked them, they deposit the money into your PayPal account. Of course, they dont pay a lot and there are some they won't take but it's still worth doing.
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I would batch up the comics and sell them on eBay with lots of photos and description. You can donate whatever money you make directly to charity.
another annie
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Agree with Gaby about the British Heart Foundation, they will collect, and their specialist bookshops (the Streatham High Road one is great) will spot anything especially interesting, price it accordingly and/or list it on the web
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