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messageHaberdasher Aske Free Primary?
Posted by jadeyc 18 September, 2013 11:48

Can anyone please give me some coherent information on the HA free primary which was opening this September?
I'm about to start the open day trawl for my son who will start Reception next Sept and I'm moving up that way. I don't know the area very well and keep getting random snippets and there's nothing up to date on the HA website.

messageRe: Haberdasher Aske Free Primary?
Posted by Renata Hamvas 18 September, 2013 13:01

Hi Jade, this year applications were made directly to the school and 2014 will therefore be the first year of entry via the CAF scheme. Therefore, it's difficult to estimate the last place offered distance. The distance will be measured from the site (Pepys Rd) in an as the crow flies fashion. Children who attend the primary will have direct feed into Haberdashers Aske's Hatcham Secondary. The school is I believe, bilingual English/German.

If you are moving into the Nunhead/Telegraph Hill area; the schools that may be close to you are Rye Oak, Hollydale, Ivydale and John Donne in Southwark and HA, Edmund Waller, John Stanier and Turnham in Lewisham (depending on where you move to).


Cllr Renata Hamvas
Labour Councillor For Peckham Rye Ward

Ward Surgeries
1st Friday, 6.30-7.30pm Rye Hill Park TRA Hall, Peckham Rye SE15
2nd Saturday,10-11am East Dulwich Community Centre, Darrell Rd SE22
4th Thursday (3rd in December), 6.30-7.30pm Nunhead Library, Gordon Rd SE15

messageRe: Haberdasher Aske Free Primary?attachment
Posted by James Barber 18 September, 2013 13:04

I found the attached on their website: []

Attachments: The_CEOs_newsletter_autumn_2012.pdf (512.8KB)  
messageRe: Haberdasher Aske Free Primary?
Posted by njc97 18 September, 2013 14:34

Jadeyc, my son started there a few weeks ago: what do you want to know? Renata's summary has a lot of good information. Although they didnt take part in the CAF system this year, they must still know the longest distance so should give it to Lewisham. I think the top of the waiting list was someone on Evelina road (Telegraph Hill end) so a fair distance away, although that might drop as it's easier for people to apply.

It's not quite bi-lingual but as I understand it the children will have some lessons in German. I think the idea is they do e.g. maths in the morning in English, then the same lesson in the afternoon in German. But this doesnt start until year 1 or 2 (i.e. not reception).

The school is currently based in temporary classrooms on the Pepys Road site (if you peer over the fence you can see the playground). The plan is to be a new school on the south side of the site and is expected to open Easter 2015.

messageRe: Haberdasher Aske Free Primary?
Posted by jadeyc 19 September, 2013 11:34

Thanks all. That's helpful. Are they having any kind of open day for prospective parents? Does anyone have a contact number?

messageRe: Haberdasher Aske Free Primary?
Posted by njc97 19 September, 2013 11:49

Jade - best number is the main office 020 7652 9500 (the Free School doesnt have its own office/receptionist). Be clear you're talking about the Free School, not the almost identically named other primary school in the federation.

messageRe: Haberdasher Aske Free Primary?
Posted by jadeyc 19 September, 2013 11:59

I've called and booked on an open evening in Novemeber.

messageRe: Haberdasher Aske Free Primary?
Posted by lstickler 20 December, 2013 05:48


Just reviving this thread. I'm finding it really tough to form an opinion of a school which has only been open a few months and I can't decide whether to prioritise this school on my form or a more we'll established primary school. Does anyone have any opinions? Does your child like the school/teachers? Is it weird there only being 1 years worth of kids there (or will be 2 yeArs of kids there by the time my son goes)? Is this an advantage/disadvantage? The open days were in the evening so it was pretty difficult to get a feel for the school?

Thanks x

messageRe: Haberdasher Aske Free Primary?
Posted by Scribble 20 December, 2013 10:21

I'd also be interested to hear more about this school as we're considering the new Prendergast primary school to be opened next September - sounds like it will be similar in that there'll only be the reception class to begin with and things will build from there. Any opinions / experiences from those with children in the current HA reception would be really useful... Thanks.

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