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messageRe: Secondary School Allocations 2019
Posted by redjam March 11, 07:55PM

Monkey Wrote:
> This whole system really is a waste of time and
> money for everybody: students, parents and
> teachers too when you take into account open days,
> banding exams, and the huge amount of time
> administering the whole system.

Totally agree, Monkey, it's a colossal time investment for both parents and schools. And when you think of all the endless banding tests the kids have to do, not to mention music scholarship tests etc... Could never understand why there couldn't be a simple system whereby there was one single test and the results got shared between secondary schools (like they do in Wandsworth, for example) - or even more radically, dispense with extra banding tests altogether and go on primary school expected SATs results. Every pupil is graded to within an inch of their life throughout primary school so the data must be available.

messageRe: Secondary School Allocations 2019
Posted by James Barber March 11, 10:29PM

I suspect that lack of simplicity is just another way of selection - selection of parents who are likely to ensure their children do their homework, turn up on time, etc.

messageRe: Secondary School Allocations 2019
Posted by Monkey March 11, 11:10PM

But selecting the right kids/parents is not even always paying off in terms of progress 8 score... which goes back to my point: waste of time, energy and money.

messageRe: Secondary School Allocations 2019
Posted by Toots March 13, 01:38PM

we have been allocated Evelyn Grace in Brixton as its our closest school. Does anyone have any feedback on the school?

messageRe: Secondary School Allocations
Posted by muccimagic March 18, 05:04PM

colabottle Wrote:
> I was in the exact same position last year, having
> Sydenham down as our first choice, and getting
> none from our list, and offered Peckham Academy.
> I really understand how stressful this can be and
> upsetting for your daughter. I would also advise
> calling Harris Girls - they were so lovely and
> understanding when I contacted them in a panic
> last year.
> What I didn't know then, which I wish I had known
> about, is that there are specialist lawyers who
> can help you put together a case for appeal (even
> though they don't go to the appeal with you). If
> your child falls into an SEN category then I think
> there is also legal aid available. If you'd like
> any more information please feel free to message
> me.
> From my experience of last year it does eventually
> work out, but it's so hard waiting. Good luck and
> try to stay positive.
There is NO lEGAL AIDecember available for those appealing on the grounds of special needs! I have been to 2 tribunals via Sendist

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