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messageAmazing massage and acupuncture - Deborah Warden
Posted by maroberts82 18 September, 2015 18:13

Hi all

I would like to strongly recommend Deborah Warden who works at the Goose Green clinic and who also works at the Brixton Therapy Centre.

I had a really bad neck, shoulders and back, so decided to give it a go.
It was a completely transformative and rejuvenating experience. Straight after the hour the neck and back pains that had been plaguing me for a week just dissapeared, leaving me with a big smile on my face.

I've had a number of massages but this really was completely different. Deborah is hugely knowledgeable about her craft, believes in it with good reason, and has amazing healing hands.

Her number is 07834 767788. Post here with your experience!


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messageRe: Amazing massage and acupuncture - Deborah Warden
Posted by Tuck_B 17 November, 2015 17:33

I agree Mark:

Deborah is a wonderful acupuncturist and massage therapist. I have seen her for both. I've seen her at both Goose Green and Brixton.

I went to her for acupuncture as I was suffering with poor skin and also going through a very difficult time in my life. I can't express how much Deborah helped me through this time. My skin has improved immeasurably and I feel better all round. I now see her regularly just to keep on top of things and always feel better after I've seen her. She is a real professional and clearly incredibly knowledgable and passionate about her job. As a massage therapist, she is the best I've ever been to. I suffer from incredibly bad shoulder and neck pain which is always alleviated after seeing Deborah. She gives me good exercises to do between sessions too.

Overall Deborah is a wonderful therapist and I can't recommend her enough. She goes above and beyond for her patients and is a pleasure to deal with. Get in touch with her at 07834 767788 or deborahwarden@gmail.com.

messageRe: Amazing massage and acupuncture - Deborah Warden
Posted by ambenson 17 May, 2016 23:10

Hi everyone,

I've been seeing Deborah for acupuncture and sometimes massage for about 6 months now (at both the Brixton and Goose Green clinics) and figured it was time I added to the comments here because the difference her treatments have made to me is worth sharing.
I initially booked in to see Deborah for a deep tissue massage off the back of a recommendation from a friend because I've had back and leg problems on and off for the past few years, and even that one massage made such a difference. I'd been thinking about trying acupuncture at that point anyway and when I learned that Deborah was fully qualified in this field it made perfect sense to book a few sessions with her, and the improvement it made to my mobility and general well-being was unbelievable - I regret not trying it sooner. I continued to have regular sessions to keep on top of things, and in that time I realised that not only can acupuncture can be an aid to fertility, but that this is an area Deborah specialises in. My husband and I had decided to start a family, and I soon fell pregnant after a few focussed treatments. She is now supporting me through my pregnancy with continued acupuncture, but also massage as and when I need it. I really look forward to each session because I know I'll feel great afterwards (not to mention sleep like a log), and on top of all that she's a delight to be around because she has a great sense of humour as well as being empathetic and wanting to help as best she can.
I would HIGHLY recommend Debs to anyone considering acupuncture or in need of a good massage therapist, and she is still contactable on 07834 767788.

messageRe: Amazing massage and acupuncture - Deborah Warden
Posted by M_Cara 01 June, 2016 22:54

I agree with all of the above! Just had an appointment with Deb this evening for persistent shoulder pain due to postural issues working with technology. My initial consultation was a year ago and now I go to her every 2 months. Her treatments are so effective that I'm sure I will continue with them, even once I have moved out of South East London. For those wary or unsure of acupuncture, Deb can offer moxa - Chinese mugwort warmed and applied to the skin - a traditional remedy for pain relief. She has magic hands and a fantastic sense of humour. If you're considering massage/acupuncture, I say just go for it! Deb is a talented therapist and a warm, lovely person.

messageRe: Amazing massage and acupuncture - Deborah Warden
Posted by CG1001 05 September, 2016 16:45

Hi All,
I too can highly recommend Deborah.
I went to her looking for help with migraine relief and neck and shoulder pain - initially I was not sure if massage or acupuncture would be best. I now see Debs regularly and we do a mixture of both, and I have found it incredibly helpful.
I love having my treatments with her, and always feel restored and rejuvenated.
If you are considering but haven't tried acupuncture before (as I hadn't) I'd really recommend it. Debs is knowledgeable and passionate so you can every confidence she'll be doing her best to help, she's also honest and open and caring, so will reflect on each treatment with you too. I see her at the Goose Green Clinic, where all the staff are friendly and the rooms are really light and airy and comfortable too - the whole experience is a treat.
If you're suffering I'd recommend giving her a call as she'll be friendly and helpful from the start, and a pleasure as a therapist. As others have said she is also a laugh!

messageRe: Amazing massage and acupuncture - Deborah Warden
Posted by BanJo 12 January, 2017 11:38

I'd just like to bump this thread to say that Deborah has helped me enormously over the last few months and I can't recommend her more highly. The combination of acupuncture and massage has been a lifesaver during a rocky emotional and physical period of my life. I started out seeing her twice a week, then weekly and now fortnightly and even though I am now back to my old self again and won't need as many sessions, I will be checking in with Deborah on a regular basis to make sure I stay that way! She is warm and caring, very easy to talk to and will tailor her treatment to suit your needs. A special mention for the Chinese moxa that Deborah uses during her acupuncture sessions - it's a kind of heat therapy,I guess, that smells lovely and is incredibly relaxing. I always come out of my sessions with Deborah feeling much better than when I went in. I see her at the Goose Green clinic but I think she sees people at other locations too. Her number is 07834 767788.

messageRe: Amazing massage and acupuncture - Deborah Wardenattachment
Posted by amy86 17 May, 2017 15:33

After seeing all these completely truthful, honest, wonderful comments about the amazing acupuncturist Deborah Warden I feel ridiculous that I haven't posted about her already!
I started seeing Debs over 2 years ago (so long that I’m allowed to abbreviate her name, surely?) I had/have some really quite serious lower back issues, which I wont bore you with, but it was so bad that the consultant I was under said surgery was the only option. I was on crutches for at least 5 months, signed off work for periods of time & quite frankly couldn’t move without being in severe pain. Miraculously, after seeing Debs for acupuncture therapy for about 6 sessions I was back up on my feet and certainly in a lot less pain. Any flare up I have had since has been treated by her, without the need for invasive surgery or heavy medical pain relief. She works miracles.
Bad back?(or anything else) GO TO SEE HER.
I would recommend Goose Green clinic as it is clean & runs efficiently, the rooms are spacious and it has a great energy and atmosphere, but she practises at other locations which might be more convenient for you.
Debs will be able to help you with any physical or emotional ailment you need assistance with and offers an honest, friendly, caring, supportive and empowering experience which is even beneficial for someone ailment free!

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messageRe: Amazing massage and acupuncture - Deborah Warden
Posted by Tammy1987 18 May, 2017 14:46

I also need to go. Every day after work, I feel pain in the back and neck. After my visit, I will also write a review ...

messageRe: Amazing massage and acupuncture - Deborah Warden
Posted by EmJay73 21 May, 2017 12:12

Hi - I have to jump in and sing Deb's praises, she's worked on me for joint issues, irregular periods, and carpal tunnel, and I have had great results. Friendly, helpful, passionate about what she does, she's a great acupuncturist (and she's been very good at working around my chaotic schedule). Go check her out in Goose Green clinic.

messageRe: Amazing massage and acupuncture - Deborah Warden
Posted by victoriaclare 12 June, 2017 20:29

I have had an absolutely fantastic experience with Deborah. I've only had 2 sessions so far but the difference it's made is just unbelievable. I suffer with bad IBS and anxiety and came to her in a very bad way. After only one session, I felt like a new person. Can't recommend her highly enough.

messageRe: Amazing massage and acupuncture - Deborah Warden
Posted by babette 15 October, 2017 20:15

Hello to all women suffering from hot flushes during menopause!!!
There is cure with ACUPUNCTURE!!! After months of 5-7 hot flushes during the day and equal amounts of nightly sweats I started to feel so worn out and irritated that I needed to find some help. The NHS unfortunately had no advice, but luckily I found Deborah, who managed to relieve me from this burden within two sessions within two weeks! Unbelievable, I am so impressed and can not find enough words to express my gratitude to her! I will see her for some follow up sessions to make sure my whole system is and remains in good balance.

Go and see her at the Goose Clinic in East Dulwich. Her mob: 07834 767788, email: deborahwarden@gmail.com

messageRe: Amazing massage and acupuncture - Deborah Warden
Posted by LW51190 27 June, 2018 10:18

Hello all,

I just wanted to add some input on my personal experience with Deborah.

I originally looked into acupuncture as an alternative therapy to help with endometriosis, as I had been recommended by my gynecologist to have an operation to remove the endo, which I was slightly uncomfortable doing. Reason for being against the op was that I was also trying to get pregnancy and soon realised that acupuncture could also assist with conceiving and pregnancy.

Although I was quite nervous to start with (and scared of needles), Debs put me at ease straight away and I now feel so comfortably around her, that I seriously look forward to my treatment each week as well as the debrief chats (and now hardly flinch with the needles)! I would honestly say within 4 treatments I started to notice significant differences in the pain I had previously experienced. Not only has she helped with my pain that I get from endometriosis but I am also now pregnant(!!!), and this is within 2 months! She is a miracle worker.

She not only focuses on what you think is the issue you are having, but Debs looks at you as a whole and aims to improve your general well-being which will then in turn assist with your issue. I sometimes suffered with poor sleep and IBS, but this has now become more regulated too. Deborah is super talented, but also so warming and welcoming - you feel like friends after a few sessions which makes the whole experience more enjoyable and relaxing. Whatever your issue is or assistance you need, I am sure she will be able to assist. She is super passionate about fixing you and also really dedicates her time to you during your session to make you feel completely at ease.

I currently see Deborah at the Goose Green clinic - definitely go and see her if you are looking into acupuncture! Her mobile number is (still): 07834 767788!

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messageRe: Amazing massage and acupuncture - Deborah Warden
Posted by V1234 31 December, 2018 13:12

I also wanted to add some comments on my experience with Deborah in case others are interested in trying accupuncture.

I first saw Deborah in early summer this year, after being diagnosed with PCOS as part of some fertility tests that I had after a number of months of unsuccessfully trying to conceive. After only a couple of sessions with Deborah, my menstrual cycle reduced to 38 days - prior to that my cycle had always been irregular and had never been below about 44 days ever before. It continued to decrease the following month.

Although Deborah focused mainly on reducing my cycle and working on general fertility she also was able to help with general anxiety and poor sleep and I really noticed a difference there too.

I am now pregnant and have been continuing to see Deborah during the early weeks of pregnancy and she has been a great support. I would definitely recommend her to anyone thinking of trying out acupuncture.

messageRe: Amazing massage and acupuncture - Deborah Warden
Posted by jimplatt1 25 February, 2019 20:26

Hiya everyone,

I just wanted to leave some feedback on Deborah's fantastic acupuncture service, which has been a godsend to me over the last few years.

To be honest, I didn't even realise that i wanted/needed acupuncture before I first went. But after the death of my father three years triggered a whole raft of health issues, i felt that i needed to think outside the box. I wasn't sure what to expect - but Deborah immediately put me at ease, and I felt that i had made a friend almost straight away.

Deborah is extremely thorough, listening to exactly how you are feeling - but also making her own conclusions based on thoroughly checking your pulse and examining your tongue. She genuinely does think holistically about you and what you need, both physically and emotionally, and always tries to find some original needle patterns to provide the best support for your body.

Over what has been a difficult few years recovering from candida overgrowth, acupuncture with Deborah has been an essential stabilising support. However my digestive system, skin or emotions have been, I have always felt better - and normally seen tangible and visible improvements - after my sessions with Deborah. Not only that though - you feel genuinely energised after seeing Deborah, who is so full of life, laughter and warmth.

I promise you will feel the benefits of acupuncture generally, and particularly with Deborah. She has been something of a rock for me during a difficult period, and I fully recommend you go to her if you are tempted by acupuncture.

messageRe: Amazing massage and acupuncture - Deborah Warden
Posted by vickip123 18 May, 2019 12:15

I've found Deborah's massage and acupuncture sessions invaluable for the relief of stress and anxiety and the enhancement of wellbeing. Highly recommended!

messageRe: Amazing massage and acupuncture - Deborah Warden
Posted by East1 07 November, 2019 17:48

I just wanted to recommend a fantastic acupuncturist- Deborah Warden at Goose Green Clinic.

It took me a long time to see anyone for the problem I had, but I when I finally plucked up the courage Deborah made me feel heard and really helped me to heal. I’ve found that 9 months of acupuncture has had lots of additional health benefits. My cycle is more regular and I no longer get period pains at all. My digestion is much better and I sleep so well now. She always approaches my health from a holistic perspective but with humour and instantly made me feel comfortable. I would really recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their overall health and well-being.

messageRe: Amazing massage and acupuncture - Deborah Warden
Posted by 08 November, 2019 18:14

I could not recommend Deborah Warden highly enough for her fertility acupuncture treatment.

I was diagnosed with endometriosis and was finding it difficult to conceive but within one session of acupuncture with Deborah I became pregnant.

I have continued with her acupuncture treatments throughout my pregnancy and it has really helped me - I did not suffer from any morning sickness and any problems I had she helped me with.

She is very knowledgeable and is easy to talk to and puts you at ease.

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