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Running/fitness partner


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I need help. I'm unfit and want to sort it out but always get distracted by just about everything in order to not do much about it except for Yoga every week. I want to find a motivation partner who will help get me into shape by running me around the park and doing some other outdoor exercises. Ideally I want to be in enough shape to start doing a military fitness programme in a few weeks time.

Can anyone help? I live just off Peckham Rye.

Thank you

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team - am up for this, do see your PMs.

As for my personal running ambitions - i nearly once did a complete a figure of 8 around dulwich common, then down barry road and around the rye and back to the library. When i say nearly, simply omit the ''then down barry road and around the rye'' section of the route.

I died and it still hurts.

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Joe, good to hear from you. Have also replied to your PM.

I was wondering about setting up some regular early morning weekly group runs.

It would need to be early, say 6.30, and run 2 laps of Peckham Rye - about 30 minutes or so.

We could meet on the bit of park opposite the Clockhouse / Roy Brooks.

Are there other people who'd be interested in hooking up?

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I'm good for this. Think the first couple will kill me though. 6.30am will be a real shock to the system. I've been working from home for too long!

When shall we start and what days shall we do. Will reply to PM's with email address and maybe we can go from there


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Thanks Nic,

Sorry I've been so busy with work and working until about 2/3am so getting up at 6 has been a none event. However after reading some interesting info about Kindney and liver regeneration I realised I have to get some idea of routine back. I will give you a shout on Monday evening if I can make it.


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I can thoroughly recommend British Military Fitness.

They do stuff in lots of London parks, I used to go to the 7am Hyde Park sessions on my way in to work. Having children has made that more difficult.

However if we can drum up enough local interest we might be able to get some classes on e.g. Peckham Rye Common or in Dulwich Park.

There are three levels - blues - reds - greens, with increasing demand on fitness level respectively.

I can definitely say I've never been or felt fitter than after 3 months of it a few years back.

Or if we can't get enough people for a class, I'd be happy to go halves or thirds if anyone wants to hire one of them for personal training.

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batdog Wrote:


> Beatnic,


> Dulwich park has "better looking" mums and girls

> than Peckham Rye park, so it's more pleasant

> training there .

Fear not, MattC.. this is simply another 'teaser' RE Batdog's ongoing campaign of forum-flirting with DulwichMum (*shudder*)

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i hang my head in shame - following some marathon 5-a-side on monday i fell apart like a rich tea in a cup of earl grey and stayed in bed like biscuity sediment in the bottom of your gran's royal doulton.

See you thursday ***slaps self around face in front of mirror - GRRR you're jogger - you cheat nobody but yourself***

one step at a time, one course at a time.

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