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Ex-prisoners selling door-to-door for work experience

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In the past two months, I've had two visits from these ex-prisoner salesmen. They are indeed 'lightly menacing' - the latest one showed me his ankle tracker and became abrasive when I said I'd bought from them before and didn't want to again. But, in the interests of not having a brick through my window, I gave him 6 quid for a cloth.

Is this some new form of protection racket? Pay up for potentially stolen goods... "or else"? I would not be pleased if my girlfriend was home alone and was confronted by these guys on the doorstep.

Is this a genuine scheme by Southwark Council?

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That happened to me when I lived in Bristol, I didn't open the door but did call the local Police Station to speak to someone about it, they confirmed it was not a scheme they were aware of.

I only spoke to the Police Station as the guy said he was on "day release" from Prison.......

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I've had them call at my door a couple of times, both times I told them I didn't need anything. I probably had to repeat myself twice but it wasn't any more difficult than turning away someone trying to sell me God. I was a home alone female on each occasion. Neither were unpleasant, and the last guy was quite good humoured about it.
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Saffron Wrote:

> there is a genuine project for providing this kind

> of work for recently released prisoners.


Seems a strange kind of work to give to ex-offenders, depending on what their offence was of course.

Let's hope not breaking and entering.

What are they selling/hoping to sell? Not teatowels again, surely??

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