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Best place to meet Santa?


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Aaah, it's very sweet that you're so excited about your baby's first Christmas! But do be warned that your little one might just sleep/scream through the whole thing - and that wherever you go to see Santa you'll probably find yourself queueing for ages, which can be hard work with a baby... And also bear in mind you'll have many years of doing this to come, so you might want to save it till he's old enough to appreciate the experience (not to mention the gift).

But if I haven't put you off ... all the big department stores have a Santa's grotto and Selfridges is my favourite, but they get booked up well in advance - I booked our slot for tomorrow in early October! Some of the primary school fairs also have a grotto, though again you're probably too late for those now. So your best bet now might be trying a shopping centre like the Glades in Bromley, which I think is just a case of turning up and queueing on the day. My friend's kids go there every year and like it, even though my friend is slightly less enamoured with the presents they are given (one year her four-year-old boy was given a rather realistic-looking toy gun, which didn't seem to quite encapsulate the Christmas spirit). Other than that, look for Christmas markets where you might find Santa wandering around looking for a photo op! Good luck...

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We went to Bromley about this time last year - cheap and cheerful. We got there as it opened and didn't have to queue at all. I figure the kids are too little yet to fully appreciate the Oxford St type experience so Bromley was as good as anything!

We saw the most rubbish Santa ever here in NZ yesterday (at a museum) but my 4 year old thought it was the best thing ever, so obviously I'll get away with the cheap option for a while yet :))

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