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OK - following EDF advice I have splurged on a Sonos music system for the house. It's not set up yet - we're waiting for that 25/12 moment. However, in preparation, the next step is to get online with Spotify. As I understand it this is a gigantic virtual juke box where I can play almost any track in the world for free (except for monthly subscriptions).

Is anyone a Spotify expert - if so can they point me at a handy "how to do it" guide - or, for a bottle of wine, be prepared to give me a short teach in on how to get the best out of it - by building library / playlists etc. Also, as a plea from Mrs MM - to get all Beatles tracks.

From an interested, but technically challenged, music streaming newbie.


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Last I looked I'm afraid there were no original beatles tracks on Spotify, ditto flour (I mean Floyd, darn iPad autocorrect) and lots of other big names jealous of rights.

Lots of weird cover versions mind you.

If you've played with iTunes or winamp or similar software then Spotify has a very similar feel and is very easy to use.

The big difference is of course that you don't persist or download the music, it's streamed/cached.

You simply search for the song or band and double click away, you can add songs or whole albums to playlists, or favourite them to make them easy to track down again.

This guide seemed pretty comprehensive http://www.squidoo.com/spotify_guide


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Once you've got it set up, you may also want to check out http://sharemyplaylists.com/ which is a site of Spotify playlists that other people have put together and published.

I'm not totally familiar with the Spotify implementation on Sonos, but you probably need to download the Spotify client to a PC/laptop, use ShareMyPlaylist to load the playlists you fancy into the PC/laptop client and, providing you have the same login for Sonos and the PC client, it should transfer across to the Sonos player. That's how it works on my Squeezeboxes anyway.

I think it's a great way to find new stuff via Spotify - there's so much stuff on there it's easy to miss the good stuff.

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Mr Buggie's chrimbo pressie to himself last week was a Sonos and while initially sceptical have found myself falling in love with it too!

I'm able to use spotify on his log in and have the iphone app so that I can get the speaker working after a few secs on my phone... able to keep myself and the bugglet entertained with the nursery rhymes/disney songs (the bugglet either loves "supercalerfragilisticexpialedousous or laughs at how mummy's gone mad when singing along to it!)

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